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The first book in the Finding Fabulous series, How Flora Finds Her Fabulous takes you on a global adventure of lottery-winning proportions, from the kitchen sink to self-discovery.


ISBN 978-1838310905

320 pages

Includes reading group questions and the first chapter of the prequel, Ready for Fabulous

Ebook also available on Amazon

How Flora Finds Her Fabulous

  • When Flora marries in 1970, she's expecting to become a kaftan-wearing social goddess, with a hostess trolley and a wide circle of friends. Thirty-five years later, still waiting for life to begin, her miserable marriage comes to a shocking end.


    Socially awkward and lonely, she's befriended by Marty. With his flair for makeovers, thirst for travel and sunny attitude, he's the perfect companion to help Flora embark on the only 'to-do' list her controlling husband had not expected to be completed. A global adventure of lottery-winning proportions


    But is Marty too good to be true? As the dream begins to crumble, how will Flora dig deep enough to find her fabulous and become the person she has always wanted to be?

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