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The second book in the Finding Fabulous series. Flora's blind optimism and romantic ideals have long lasting consequences. Beginning soon after her sixteenth bithday, Ready for Fabulous, is the prequel to How Flora Finds Her Fabulous.


ISBN 978-1838310929

160 pages

Includes the first chapter of How Flora Finds Her Fabulous

Ebook also available on Amazon

Ready For Fabulous

  • In the Summer of 1968, a teenaged Flora is holidaying in Weston-super-Mare when she consults Cupid's Secret in the penny arcade. The machine predicts that love, luck and marriage is on the cards. With a new look, some choice dance moves and a plan to increase the size of her bazookas, she's on her way to romance and to finally doing 'it'.

    As a confirmed bachelor, geography teacher John enjoys a plentiful supply of library books and a cherished routine. His dear late Mother's allotment is home to 'The Girls' and his only concession to love.

    Call it fate or a collision of circumstances, but what are the repercussions of such an unlikely pairing?

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