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About Stella 

I'm a writer with a passion for travel, always with my laptop and if I'm lucky, in the company of interesting people.

Finding Fabulous, is my first series of fictional life stories, currently available titles are How Flora Finds Her Fabulous and the prequel Ready for Fabulous. (And out in Spring 2023 is Forever Fabulous). My characters are inspired by people I've met – no matter where they've come from or where they're going, their past and what happens next are fascinating to me.

At home, I enjoy speaking about my travels, my work as a social entrepreneur and the joy of writing fiction. I also use my speaking slots to fundraise for a few favourite causes.


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The Finding Fabulous series can be read in any order

The Finding Fabulous series tells of Flora's fictional life story, from the kitchen sink to self-discovery. A travel and romance saga, funny, sad, gritty and heartwarming.

Who's Flora?

She's a woman who know's there's more to life and dreams that one day she'll become the person she's meant to be.
Book tour

Married life

It isn't long before she's repenting at leisure with a never ending cycle of window shopping, watching daytime television and reading romantic fiction. 

At 18 years old

She's never felt popular, pretty or clever; a career in shelf-stacking beckons. Marrying Jonny M, who has a semi in the suburbs is a much better option. Even with the age gap and his unfortunate limp.



All it took were a few days out and a knickerbocker glory for her to say, 'Yes'. She's hoping for a wedding night full of passion. She's read Lady Chatterley's lover and knows what to expect. 

Cut out

Shared pleasure

The only pleasure the couple share is discussing what they would do if they win the lottery. She'd like an executive home with a fitted kitchen and a recliner in Maple Blush. He has other plans.

And then...

After thirty-five years of marriage, with few life skills, no friends and a serious Jelly Babies habit, her world is about to crack open. 

How Flora Finds Her Fabulous

When Flora marries in 1970, she's expecting to become a kaftan-wearing social goddess, with a hostess trolley and a wide circle of friends. Thirty-five years later, still waiting for life to begin, her miserable marriage comes to a shocking end.


Socially awkward and lonely, she's befriended by Marty. With his flair for makeovers, thirst for travel and sunny attitude, he's the perfect companion to help Flora embark on the only 'to-do' list her controlling husband had not expected to be completed. A global adventure of lottery-winning proportions


But is Marty too good to be true? As the dream begins to crumble, how will Flora dig deep enough to find her fabulous and become the person she has always wanted to be?

To organise a Book Club/Group Event or to bulk order copies please use the contact form below. Many thanks!

In the Summer of 1968, a teenaged Flora is holidaying in Weston-super-Mare when she consults Cupid's Secret in the penny arcade. The machine predicts that love, luck and marriage is on the cards. With a new look, some choice dance moves and a plan to increase the size of her bazookas, she's on her way to romance and to finally doing 'it'.

As a confirmed bachelor, geography teacher John enjoys a plentiful supply of library books and a cherished routine. His dear late Mother's allotment is home to 'The Girls' and his only concession to love.

Call it fate or a collision of circumstances, but what are the repercussions of such an unlikely pairing?

To organise a Book Club/Group Event or to bulk order copies please use the contact form below. Many thanks!

Ready for Fabulous

What readers are saying

Poignant and heartwarming - Flora’s journey will make you laugh and cry. The perfect summer read.

Elizabeth Price

An uplifting journey of self discovery, skilfully interwoven with touches of innocence, regret and romance... there’s a little bit of Flora in all of us.

Chandra Rodgers

Absolutely brilliant, hysterical, and heartwarming.

Anna Bierhaus,

NY Editor

An epic journey into fabulousness - I was ready to pack my bags and embark on my own adventure after reading this.

Shivanthi Sathanandan

An impressive achievement - engaging, energetic and witty.

Shelley Weiner,

Faber Academy Tutor and Author

I loved Flora’s adventure. A funny and engaging read which packs an emotional punch too.

Clare McVey

First book I’ve read in years - thoroughly enjoyed Flora’s adventures. A beautifully written book - one of those you couldn’t put down but didn’t want to end. More please!

Nicky W

Great fun. A roller-coaster ride that will have you laughing out loud.

Jules Lampshire,


Compelling and highly entertaining - a captivating story that will touch your heart.

Anita Brandon

The perfect book to banish the grey skies. Had me laughing out loud; Flora is a joy from beginning to end.

Lucy Watkins

Lots of fun, nostalgic descriptions of life in the late 60s/early 70s, along with the dreams and desires of a woman whose hopeful optimism carries her through life as she prepares to find her fabulous.

Mary E

An inspiring ‘just do it’ read that is heartwarming and hilarious. Packed with funny quotes and memories from days of the 1970s onwards that never failed to leave a smile on my face. Ladies, we all have a bit of Flora in us...and she IS fabulous!

Jay Warner

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